Principle of Life

By Berbagi Ilmu - Agustus 25, 2018

Today I read a discussion about the 'principle of life' written by Anggriawan Pradypta in the book Menjadi No 1 Dalam Hitungan Detik. Let me re-write what Anggriawan wrote about the notion of principle. The principle is a handle of life that no one should have the right or able to disturb and violate the rules.

Have you ever heard or read stories about the principles of the life of the Prophet Muhammad about faith? It's a good idea to read the story again and for those who have read or listened to it, this story can refresh our memory of it.

The Prophet said, "Even though they put the sun in my right hand, and the moon in my left hand so that I would let go of my mission, I would remain firm until I perished." that principle.
For some reason, someone who has no principles in his life can never be attractive in the eyes of others. That may be because they will only live their lives like leaves floating above the river and can only follow where the river flows.

So a little what I understand about the principle of life, there are still many more discussions about the principle of life. Hopefully it can be useful for all of us.

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